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April economic changes bring May budget projections

The novel coronavirus pandemic is having a significant effect on Minnesotans' physical and mental health of Minnesotans....
  • Minnesota Budget
  • Minnesota Budget Outlook and Trends

Minnesota’s April economic update

It's a bigger deal than usual, but doesn’t yet have all the answers: The April Revenue and Economic Update is a first look at the economic and fiscal impacts of the coronavirus crisis in Minnesota. The quarterly report from Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) shows that state revenues have dropped considerably and the national economy has likely fallen into recession.
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Racial equity should be at the core of coronavirus responses

Due to the impact of historical racism and ongoing forms of discrimination and bias, BIPOC communities (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) will more acutely feel the economic and health effects of this coronavirus crisis. Without attention to equity, they are more likely to be left out of the policy responses.
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The Federal CARES Act: What’s in the economic stimulus bill, who is left out

We’ve called for an inclusive approach to the public health crisis and the related economic impact. While the latest...


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