Current Agenda

Minnesota’s strength lies in our families, our friends, and our neighbors being able to fully thrive and contribute to their communities. The Minnesota Budget Project focuses our advocacy agenda at the Capitol on policies that will allow all of us to prosper, no matter who we are or where we live.

Minnesota Issues

Minnesota Budget

The Minnesota Budget Project’s expertise in Minnesota’s state budget, trends, and processes allows us to advance policies that expand opportunity to all Minnesotans. We provide analysis on budget plans, the state's fiscal forecasts, budget trends and reforms, and tax and spending limits.

Minnesota Taxes

Our work on Minnesota tax policy is focused on fairness and everyday Minnesotans, including analysis of tax proposals, tax policy changes, tax credits, and tax fairness in Minnesota.


Child Care

Our research focuses on policy solutions to make affordable, dependable child care available so that children can thrive, parents can get to work or school, and employers can find reliable workers.


Health Care

We start our work from a belief that affordable health care is important for all Minnesotans and it shouldn't depend on someone's paycheck or address.


Income & Work

We research economic trends to understand who’s faring well in today’s economy and who is left behind. We analyze policies that allow more Minnesotans to support themselves and their families, particularly wage and job quality standards.



Our research on immigration focuses on the contributions that New Americans bring to Minnesota, and the policies at the state and federal level that can better allow immigrants to thrive and contribute to our communities.


Federal Issues

Our federal research work focuses on issues important to Minnesota workers and families, including analysis of federal tax and budget proposals and outcomes, with an emphasis on how those proposals impact Minnesota.