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Proposed federal Child Tax Credit expansion would boost the incomes of millions of families

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Congress is considering passing an important expansion of the federal Child Tax Credit that would benefit about 16 million children in low-income families across the US. But it's not a sure thing yet. We've included a link in the blog to email your representatives today, urging them to pass an expanded CTC and reduce poverty among the nation's children.
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Minnesota’s November Budget Forecast is a mixed bag

The state budget forecast predicts an $82 million positive balance at the end of the four years covered by the forecast. One-time surplus dollars generated in the past continue to be an important funding source throughout the four-year budget window. In this blog, we share our high-level takes on the forecast, which gives policymakers, advocates, and the public an initial look at the state’s budget landscape as we get closer to the upcoming legislative session.
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Recent information points to stronger state budget picture

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Recent budget reports suggest that Minnesota will likely project a larger budget surplus when the next legislative session kicks off. This in part reflects the fact that the national economy has performed more strongly this year than was previously anticipated. In October, Minnesota Management and Budget determined that the prior FY 2022-23 final general fund balance was $820 million higher than end-of-session estimates.
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Minnesota Budget Project is hiring an engagement and content manager

For strongest consideration, apply by November 28; applications will be accepted until the position is filled.