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Policies are about people. And if we want to live in a state where all can thrive, no matter who they are or where they live, then bold and just policies must be a part of the solution. It is critical that policymakers hear from all of us — concerned constituents and organizations — to lift up our diverse range of experiences, expertise, and perspectives as they work on issues that impact our families, our communities, our organizations, ourselves! Be a part of the solution for a stronger, more equitable Minnesota: raise your voice and advocate today.

Tax and Budget Basics

New to state budget and tax advocacy and want to learn more? Check out these materials.  
Content includes: 
  • Learn about Minnesota's Budget Process
  • Learn about Minnesota's Budget Process (Spanish)



Tax and Budget: Beyond the Basics

Take a deeper dive with detailed explanations about different budget processes and reports.

Content includes: 
  • How to Read the Governor's Budget
  • Minnesota's Capital Budget Explainer
  • How to Read the Health Care Access Fund Statement
  • Your Tax and Budget Toolbox



Be sure to check out all the different advocacy materials that the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits has on their website, such as:
  • Helpful Tips for Contacting Legislators
  • How to Conduct a Day on the Hill
  • Nonprofit Lobbying and the 501(h) Election
  • & more!

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Take Action!

For Organizations

Tell MN policymakers: No to large, unfair tax cuts!

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For Individuals

Send an email to state policymakers urging them to oppose unlimited Social Security income tax exemption

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