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A first look at Governor Walz’s budget proposal on expanding economic opportunity

The state of Minnesota is projecting an historic $7.7 billion surplus for the current FY 2022-2023 budget cycle . This...
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Newest state revenue update affirms substantial resources are available to build an equitable recovery

The state of Minnesota’s revenue picture continues to improve, but the national economic recovery is expected to be a li...
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Historic state budget forecast presents historic opportunity

Workers in coffee shop sm
The forecast projects a $7.7 billion general fund surplus for the current FY 2022-23 budget cycle, and a $6.0 billion structural balance for the upcoming FY 2024-25 budget cycle. These projections represent a historic opportunity to make transformational changes to build a more equitable recovery.
  • Minnesota Budget Outlook and Trends
  • Minnesota Taxes and Tax Plans
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Potential state surplus could trigger reserve and tax changes

A surplus in the November forecast could trigger two actions: a change in the budget reserve, and a change in when retailers and vendors submit sales tax payments to the state.


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