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Racial Equity

  • Income and Work
  • Racial Equity
  • Poverty

Minnesota beats national figures, but prosperity still out of reach for many

Minnesota is among the top ten states in terms of incomes, but that above average performance is not reaching all commu...
  • Racial Equity
  • Health Care

Legislature invests in health equity

While Minnesota is one of the healthiest states in the nation, our state also has some of the worst disparities in terms...
  • Racial Equity
  • Health Care

All hands on deck for health equity

Where do African-American and American Indian infants die at twice the rate of white infants in their first year of...
  • Racial Equity
  • Income and Work

Economic recovery leaves many Minnesotans out in the cold

Even though the Great Recession officially ended in 2009, many Minnesotans are still struggling to find jobs and get...


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