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  • Minnesota Taxes
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IRS data doesn’t show that money walks

A new report out today relies on an incorrect use of IRS data to make claims about income leaving the state that aren’t...
  • Income and Work
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Minnesota’s most basic support for families is stuck in a 30-year-long time warp, and it’s hurting 64,000 of our kids

When a family falls on hard times, the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) can provide some vital, basic...
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  • Minnesota Taxes and Tax Plans
  • Minnesota Taxes
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Most popular blogs of 2015 forecast issues of 2016

Looking over the 2015 blogs garnering the most reads over the last year provides a road map of sorts for the 2016...
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Policymakers should prioritize building a state economy that works for all Minnesotans

I recently attended a Summit on Economic Reality for Black Minnesotans , where black community leaders talked about...


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