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Preserving the provider tax is vital for affordable health care in Minnesota

A lot has changed in the 24 years since the Health Care Access Fund (HCAF) was created to expand access to health care....
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Smart policy interventions can shrink racial disparities: The example of health insurance

Health insurance is a basic necessity — and if you don’t have it, Minnesota’s nation-leading health care system might as well be an ocean away. Significant disparities in the health insurance coverage rates of different racial and ethnic groups in Minnesota mean that a large number of our neighbors struggle to get the health care they need for themselves and their families.
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Health Care Finance Task Force ends with a bold statement for a healthier, more equitable Minnesota

When the lottery of life leaves a Minnesotan injured or ill, they should have affordable access to Minnesota’s first-ra...
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Most popular blogs of 2015 forecast issues of 2016

Looking over the 2015 blogs garnering the most reads over the last year provides a road map of sorts for the 2016...