Renters' Credit by the numbers

Nan Madden
Feb 14, 2013

The Renters' Credit is an increasingly important tool for ensuring tax fairness for thousands of Minnesotans, according to our latest analysis.

Who Receives the Renters' Credit? shows that more than 309,000 Minnesota households in every county received the Renters' Credit in 2011.

The Renters' Credit provides a property tax refund to low- and moderate-income renters all across the state who have high property taxes relative to their incomes.

Our brief details the Renters' Credit by county, including the total amount of Renters' Credits received, the number of participating households, the share of participating households with seniors and/or people with disabilities, and the average amount of credits.

The numbers tell the story: the Renters' Credit is an essential tool that ensures tax fairness for Minnesota's renters.

And it's time to strengthen it. The Renters' Credit hasn't kept up with rising property taxes, and was eroded by tax legislation passed in 2011. You can find out more in a blog post from earlier this week: Renters should be included in property tax reform.