Mapping Minnesota's future to shared opportunities

Oct 2014

Minnesota enjoys one of the strongest economies in the nation. However, too many of our neighbors are not sharing in the state's economic success. Minnesota’s economic future depends on all of Minnesota’s workforce reaching their full potential and be being able to make ends meet.

Catholic Charities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis and the Minnesota Budget Project have worked together to create this portfolio of maps to answer questions such as “Where is our fight against poverty most needed?” and “Where do Minnesotans have less education, higher unemployment, or lower incomes?” These are important questions to discuss in our communities so that we can build a strong economic future for all of us. 

In this portfolio there are 10 maps. These maps are titled:

  1. Many Minnesotans Have High Housing Costs
  2. Not All Minnesotans are Prepared for Good Jobs
  3. Poverty in Minnesota: Where is the Greatest Need?
  4. Children Living in Poverty
  5. Young Adults Living in Poverty
  6. Elder Insecurity: Appearances are Deceiving
  7. Persons of Color More Likely to Live in Poverty
  8. Many Minnesotans are Out of Work
  9. Income Inequality Across Minnesota
  10. Lower Incomes in Much of Greater Minnesota