Mapping Out Minnesota's Renters' Credit

The Renters' Credit is a property tax refund that puts a limit on how much of a household's budget can go toward property taxes. By refunding a portion of the property taxes that renters have paid through their rents, it helps bring down one of the costs of housing, and it creates a more equitable tax system.

The Renters' Credit is particularly effective at reaching the state's lowest-income households: over 60 percent of households receiving the credit have incomes of $40,000 or less. In addition, 30 percent of the households who receive the Renters' Credit include seniors or people living with disabilities. The Renters' Credit also advances racial equity, as people of color in Minnesota are more likely to be renters and more likely to be earning lower incomes.

To learn more about who receives the Renters' Credit in each Minnesota county, peruse the map below or see our issue brief.