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Founded in 1997, the Minnesota Budget Project's analysis and advocacy is grounded in the belief that economic opportunity and prosperity should be available to all Minnesotans, regardless of who they are or where they live.

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Small Business Voices

A group of small-business owners joined together to share a message for policymakers: Large tax cuts aren’t the answer for them. Instead they wanted public investments in the building blocks that provide Minnesota with a high-quality workforce, strong infrastructure, and shared prosperity for more hard-working Minnesotans.

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Add your voice

Proposed federal rule changes would make it harder for New Americans to thrive and fully contribute to our communities and economy. Learn how to make your voice heard.

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Latest Research & Analysis

Federal Funds to Minnesota are Instrumental to Building Shared Prosperity
Federal funding is essential to supporting Minnesota families struggling to make ends meet, provide affordable health care, and strengthen our roads and transit systems. About 30 percent of the state’s funding comes from the federal government, and our newest issue brief takes a look at how recent proposals to slash funds to states could seriously threaten Minnesota’s ability to expand opportunity to families and strengthen communities.

Who Receives the Working Family Credit?
In 2015, more than 330,000 Minnesota households received the Working Family Tax Credit, which encourages and supports work, makes the tax system fairer, and helps working people meet their basic needs. This brief provides information about the importance of this tax credit to each Minnesota county and the state as a whole.

Who Receives the Renters' Credit?
The Renters' Credit provides a property tax refund to low- and moderate-income renters whose property taxes are high in relation to their income. In 2015, about 328,000 households received the Renters’ Credit, including households from across the state, and those with seniors and persons with disabilities. This issue brief includes information on the Renters' Credit for every Minnesota county.

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With your support, we will continue to work towards a future where all Minnesotans have access to opportunity and economic well-being.

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