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Founded in 1997, the Minnesota Budget Project's analysis and advocacy is grounded in the belief that economic opportunity and prosperity should be available to all Minnesotans, regardless of who they are or where they live.

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Small Business Voices

A group of small-business owners joined together to share a message for policymakers: Large tax cuts aren’t the answer for them. Instead they wanted public investments in the building blocks that provide Minnesota with a high-quality workforce, strong infrastructure, and shared prosperity for more hard-working Minnesotans.

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Latest Research & Analysis

Prioritize Minnesota Workers and Their Families by Expanding the Working Family Credit
Minnesota's Working Family Tax Credit both ensures hard-working Minnesotans can better meet their needs and supports greater participation in Minnesota's workforce. This issue brief walks through the benefits of expanding this successful tax policy.

How to Read the Health Care Access Fund Statement
The Health Care Access Fund balance sheet contains critical information about how the health care provider tax is used to provide affordable health care to Minnesotans. We’ve got a quick tour of the fund statement, which is included in each state budget forecast.

Minnesotans Face Barriers in the Labor Market, Despite Top Line Unemployment Numbers
Top line state unemployment numbers disguise the fact that many Minnesotans still struggle to find jobs that support them, their families, and their futures. Our newest issue brief shares a closer look at the types of workers who continue to face the greatest barriers to employment.

Healthy Budget, Healthy Minnesotans: Preserving Essential Health Care Funding
The health and well-being of more than 1 million Minnesotans is at risk if a critical funding source is allowed to expire. Our latest issue brief explains how the provider tax is essential to Minnesota’s healthy communities, and why legislators must act in 2019 to keep it in place.

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With your support, we will continue to work towards a future where all Minnesotans have access to opportunity and economic well-being.

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