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Founded in 1997, the Minnesota Budget Project's analysis and advocacy is grounded in the belief that economic opportunity and prosperity should be available to all Minnesotans, regardless of who they are or where they live.

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Small Business Voices

A group of small-business owners joined together during the 2016 Legislative Session to share a message for policymakers: Large tax cuts aren’t the answer for them. Instead they wanted public investments in the building blocks that provide Minnesota with a high-quality workforce, strong infrastructure, and shared prosperity for more hard-working Minnesotans.

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Latest Research & Analysis

Uncertainty Means Caution Necessary: Inside the November 2016 Economic Forecast
Minnesota has a projected $678 million positive balance for the rest of the current budget cycle. But while the state’s economy is performing better than the U.S. economy on some measures, we urge policymakers to use caution when setting the state’s next two-year budget.

Final FY 2016-17 Supplemental Budget Makes Modest Changes to Expand Opportunity, Promote Equity
Policymakers had differing priorities, resulting in a budget that made only modest investments and left much of the surplus unallocated. Read the details in our brief, which also examines the 2016 tax bill that included important provisions for working families but was not signed into law.

Driver's Licenses Associated with Increased Earnings and Can Boost Economy
We explore in our latest issue brief how expanding access to driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status could boost earnings and our economy.

Minnesota Economy Improving But Harsh Disparities Leave Too Many Workers Behind: The State of Working Minnesota 2016
Post-recession, Minnesota can claim many economic strengths, especially compared to national trends or our neighbor to the east, Wisconsin. But as in the rest of the U.S., Minnesota is not seeing as strong of growth in wages since the recovery. And too many Minnesota workers of color are lacking access to opportunity.

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What we're reading now

A revolving list of research papers and books on the desks - or devices - of the Minnesota Budget Project team

Clark Biegler is digging into the details of the nation’s banking industry and its reverberations on lower-income citizens today in “How the Other Half Banks,” by Mehrsa Baradaran.

Nan Madden is reading an article, The Near Impossibility of Moving Up After Welfare, in The Atlantic, focused on the impacts of welfare reform and its effects on people’s ability to move into economic security.

Ben Horowitz just finished “Evicted” by Matthew Desmond. The book zooms in on America’s affordable housing shortage by telling stories from Milwaukee, and explains how the situation is even worse than the big numbers make it out to be. The research paints a vivid picture of peoples’ lives while offering plenty of innovative approaches for data nerds.