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Together We Rise Minnesota is a public advocacy campaign of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and the Minnesota Budget Project.

The February Budget Forecast showed some good news that the state can expect more resources to take action to advance Minnesotans’ health and economic well-being during COVID. However, when looking at the next biennium, the state has a small structural balance that turns into a deficit when inflationary costs are included in the picture. This highlights the gap between what the state’s current revenue system brings in and what is needed for all Minnesotans to thrive.

We're continuing to advocate for investments to ensure Minnesotans have what we need to get through our current crises, while also addressing deep racial disparities. And importantly, we must pursue new revenues to pay for these investments in a sustainable way.

Below are sample social media posts to help your organization advocate for the investments you know are needed by Minnesotans today and into our stronger future.

Sample Facebook and Twitter posts: 

It’s really important to remember that MN’s budget forecast doesn’t fully include costs to respond to pandemic and recession, or even keeping existing services up with costs of inflation  #mnleg

A status quo budget doesn’t meet Minnesotans needs, especially low-income and BIPOC MNs experiencing hardship like hunger, housing insecurity, and loss of jobs or wages. #mnleg

#mnleg must respond boldly with investments so that all MNs can get through the crises and thrive while building a more equitable economy.

MN’s budget wasn’t meeting MNs needs before the pandemic. Policymakers must make lasting investments like child care, paid family leave, affordable housing, schools, health care, to address what was holding us back and makes the pandemic worse for many everyday MNs.

MN’s new budget forecast numbers show $1.6b positive balance in FY 22-23 but that’s just $529m when costs to keep up with inflation are taken into account. 

MN’s latest budget forecast shows improvement, but there’s still need for additional permanent revenues for sustainable investment in things MNs need to thrive: child care, education, housing & more. #mnleg

We know from new state budget numbers that there is still a gap between current revenues and what’s needed to sustainably build a more equitable recovery. #mnleg #TogetherWeRiseMN  

MNs know when our neighbors struggle to keep food in their fridges & meet basic needs it takes all of us to pull together. This time demands a bold response & long-term revenues to build a stronger future for all. #mnleg #TogetherWeRiseMN

The uneven recession – folks with more resources doing well & low-wage workers & BIPOC communities struggling immensely – means #mnleg must raise revenues for investments in things MNs need to truly thrive: child care, education, housing & more 

MN workers & families will only benefit from improved state budget outlook if #mnleg invests in things that makes strong families & communities: child care, educ, housing, paid family leave, health care. #TogetherWeRiseMN 

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Do not deserve status quo budget
Our MN neighbors deserve
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Temporary funds don't solve long-term needs
In case anyone forgot
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Forecast not meeting needs