Tax and Spending Limits

'98 Percent' Constitutional Amendment Creates Barriers to Common-Sense Budgeting, April 2012
A proposed constitutional amendment creates a series of restrictions on policymakers' ability to make budget decisions that meet the state's needs and respond to changing circumstances. The proposal limits appropriations and spending to arbitrary levels and triggers tax cuts without regard to the state's current situation.

Supermajority Amendment is Wrong for Minnesota, February 2012
This issue brief provides an overview of the proposed supermajority amendment's mechanics and reasons it is wrong for Minnesota. A supermajority requirement would lead to more government gridlock, encourage budget gimmicks, create pressure to increase other revenue sources, impede tax reform and threaten the state's credit rating.

Supermajority Requirement Would Limit Financial Flexibility, Risking Minnesota's Credit Rating, February 2012
Requiring a supermajority vote in both the House and Senate to raise taxes would raise concerns among credit rating agencies about the state’s financial flexibility and creditworthiness. A downgrade of Minnesota's credit rating could lead to higher costs to maintain our infrastructure.


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