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Federal Funds to Minnesota Are Instrumental to Building Shared Prosperity, July 2018
Partnership with the federal government allows Minnesotans to have affordable health care, strong roads and transit, supports for jobs and training, and other priorities for thriving families and communities. Close to $25 billion, or 30 percent of the state’s budget, comes from the federal government. Our newest issue brief looks at how federal budget proposals would significantly weaken this partnership with the states, putting health care, food security, affordable housing, and other supports for Minnesotans at risk.

Thousands of Minnesotans Would Lose Basic Food Support Under U.S. House Proposal, August 2013
A proposal under consideration in the U.S. House would drastically cut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), ending critical food assistance for for thousands of Minnesotans. The proposed cuts would increase hunger among Minnesotans who still struggle to put food on the table during the slow economic recovery.

Federal Deficit Reduction: How It Works and Implications for Minnesota, August 2011
Congress and President Obama agreed to a deal that raises the debt ceiling and ensures over $2.1 trillion in federal deficit reduction through a multi-step process. A close look at the deal reveals a package that is unbalanced and unfair, and could have serious consequences for Minnesota.


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