Evaluation of the Minnesota Family Investment Program

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September 2000

In order to measure the state’s progress in welfare reform, the Minnesota Department of Human Services is conducting a five year study of participants in the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP). The study findings to date are published in three reports in the Minnesota Family Investment Program Longitudinal Study series, the Baseline Report, Report on Recipient Sample Six Months After Baseline, and Report on Applicant Sample Six Months After Baseline.

The study follows two samples of MFIP participants. At the time of the initial survey, members of the Recipient group had been receiving MFIP (and most had also received AFDC), while members of the applicant group were in their first month on MFIP and had not received AFDC or MFIP in the preceding five years.

Study participants are heads of single-caregiver families, and the same participants are followed over time. The initial survey was done between May and October 1998 and the six-month follow-up between November 1998 and April 1999. Some major findings are summarized below:

MFIP Evaluation Time Limits

MFIP Evaluation Economic Well Being


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