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Minnesotans Face Barriers in the Labor Market, Despite Top Line Unemployment Numbers, January 2019
Knowing which Minnesotans struggle most to gain traction in the workforce means Minnesota policymakers can make smart policy choices. Our issue brief on employment looks at which Minnesotans continue to face barriers in the workforce, including those with less formal education, communities of color, people living in certain parts of the state, and the young. Policy solutions to support these workers could include expanded earned sick leave and affordable child care.

State of Working Minnesota: Many Minnesotans Working Hard but Barriers Keep Them from Making Ends Meet, December 2018
Ten years into the recovery from the Great Recession, high-income earners are doing well. Unfortunately, other workers have seen only moderate growth in wages recently, consistent with a 40-year trend. Fortunately, one group that has seen higher wage growth recently, are workers earning the lowest wages, likely demonstrating how minimum wage increases are boosting these workers’ incomes. This issue brief breaks down the wages and incomes of different groups of workers in Minnesota. We also offer insights into how policymakers can continue to support workers and their drive to thrive in today’s economy.

Some Minnesotans Struggling Despite Top Line Figures Showing Economic Prosperity, November 2017
Minnesotans with less formal education, people living in parts of Greater Minnesota, and Minnesotans of color are among those who are still struggling to reach greater employment levels since the Great Recession. People of color have consistently faced barriers to employment, and while these Minnesotans have seen some improvement, it is still the case that communities of color have higher rates of unemployment than their white counterparts. This issue brief takes a closer look at the groups of people who are still struggling to find and keep jobs despite an overall economic recovery.


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