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How to Read the Health Care Access Fund Statement, February 2019
The Health Care Access Fund (HCAF) was created to hold Minnesota’s health care provider tax revenues, in addition to several smaller revenue sources. The HCAF, like the provider tax, was created to invest in efforts that reduce the number of Minnesotans without health insurance, address growing health care costs, and improve the quality of health care services for all Minnesotans. This document provides readers a quick tour of the balance sheet that is updated in each state budget forecast.

Healthy Budget, Healthy Minnesotans: Preserving Essential Health Care Funding, December 2018
In 1992, Minnesota policymakers made an important long-term investment in Minnesotans’ health and well-being by creating the health care provider tax. The tax funds affordable health care and access to health professionals for people across the state. Unfortunately it is scheduled to expire next December. Our issue brief explains how the provider tax has improved the health of Minnesotans over the last 26 years, and why it’s so important that policymakers maintain it this coming legislative session.

Health Care Enrollment ResourcesNovember 2014
Minnesotans now have more options for health insurance coverage. But making health care decisions can be complex, and many members of our communities may want help understanding their options and in enrolling in insurance through MNsure, the state's health insurance marketplace. Nonprofits can play a vital role in connecting Minnesotans to health insurance. This webpage includes links to state and regional maps and directories of Minnesota Navigators.


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