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  • Health Care

New Census data highlights Minnesota’s long-term progress in health coverage and the need to continue to invest

All Minnesotans deserve the opportunity to live healthy lives and get the treatment they need for asthma, diabetes, or a...
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  • Health Care
  • Federal Issues

New U.S. House budget proposal gives peek into policymakers’ vision for the future

How do you spend your money? It’s a deeply personal question – in a world of limited resources, what you choose to buy...
  • Minnesota Budget
  • Minnesota Budget Outlook and Trends

Minnesota’s July Economic Update shows higher state revenues, but mixed economic news

The recently released July Revenue and Economic Update gave us mixed news about the state’s economic and budget la...
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  • Minnesota Budget

2018 Legislative Session: What was accomplished, and what’s left for next year

The 2018 Legislative Session opened with some major tasks on policymakers’ to-do lists. By tradition, this was a year...


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